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Mobile VR

Mobile VR is an enhanced virtual tour that is best viewed on 3-glassen. This will give the experience of actually being there in the space that you are virtually visiting. The 3d-glasses provide an immersive experience through the experience of depth in the images. This will ensure an ultimate feel of the spaciousness of the location.

Virtual Tours

A virtual tour challenges in an inventive way to explore the spaces that are presented to you. That is the great advantage of a good virtual tour, it gives you a way to interact with the virtual environment. As a visitor of the tour you can explore the spaces in your own pace and immerse yourself in the tour. This way you get the best of the virtual tour. This is all based either on supreme renders or high quality photography.

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality (AR) is the next step to present condo’s, suburban areas or complete city rejuvenation projects. With the use of a small app you can virtualize with perfect clarity the setup and quality of your plans. The application is free of use and available for either Android or Apple IOS. Just by scanning the QR code you make the 3d-model visible on your mobile device.

These clients are already using our Mobile-VR products:
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